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Espelette wears red: red pepper

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Espelette sweet pepper, slightly spicy, has its origin in America, probably Mexico. This spicy condiment was first used in the Basque Country, as a preservative and coloring. Today, it has become an important ingredient in the Basque cuisine flavoring all the dishes of the most important chefs.

These peppers are green at first; but its color changes to red once ripe. After the harvest the houses are strung with strings of the “chili peppers”, getting a natural drying process and splashing the streets of Espelette in a striking red hue.

They can be found in many shops. The only thing to keep in mind when buying them, is that they must carry a sticker on the package with the inscription of “appelations d’Origine Contrôlées” printed under a farmhouse and two peppers.

Knowing all these tasty peppers process, from cultivation to coming to the table is very interesting, especially if it is done by the hand of the farmer. To do this, we offer a farm visit in Espelette (just 50 km from San Sebastian and 20km from Biarritz), where you can also enjoy its unique flavor.


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