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“Tear peas”, a bite that makes you cry…

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Guisantes lagrima from getaria at Basque Country Gastronomic tour with Discovery Basque

The “Guisante Lágrima” (tear pea), could be the vegetable equivalent of caviar

It is an extremely fine, delicate and sweet type of pea, especially priced in the Basque Country. The name “tear” comes from the shape of the peas, which are not as round as normal peas, but slightly pointed in the area where they are attached to the pod. The peculiarity of this kind of exclusive peas from the coastal Basque area is to be eaten when the grain gets the teardrop look.

Guisantes-lagrima (tear pea) -from-getaria-at-Basque-Country-Gastronomic-tour-with-Discovery-Basque

But to arrive at the table with this point of ripeness, must be collected at dawn, before the sun warms the beans.

It seems incredible that something so tiny can evoque such a great and different feeling in the palate; but when you discover all the care that these little green tears get, the pleasure when you bite them is amazing.


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