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To the rhythm of jazz

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From 1.966 …

What else can we tell you about a Festival that has been taking place every single year since 1966?. An international cultural event where well-known artists have played their music, such as Lee Konitz, considered one of the main figures in the cool jazz movement and who participated for the first time in 1978. This year Lee is repeating as the Lee Konitz Quartet leader. Some other musicians who took part in this festivals are: Van Morrison (1999, 2003, 2005), Joe Cocker (2005), Liza Minnelli (2008) or Nina Simone (1991).

1º jazz festival of san sebastian 1966

First jazz festival san sebastian

If you compare the humble program in the beginning of the festival, when it only covered 2 days in September, with this year program, “48 Heineken Jazzaladia” which will last from the 24th to the 28th of July, we realize that it has grown amazingly. Furthermore, if we count the number of stages where concerts will be held we have as many as 14 of them distributed all around San Sebastian. They support the original located in the historical “Trinidad square”, where the first concert, back in 1966 was played.

But all this data is not the real reason why we are inviting you to come to the JAZZ FESTIVAL. The colorful streets, the pleasant beaches the historical squares, the boulevard…are the main reason and the genuine soul of this jazz festival. The crowds join together in all these places and for 5 days they enjoy and feel these wonderful chords.

48-jazzaldia-2013-with-discovery-Basque-at-Gros Beack San-Sebastian---jazz-festival

Concert on the stage of the beach Gros

In San Sebastian you can live to the rhythm of jazz, from dawn to nightfall…

In this city this is possible, as well as many other things


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