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Walk along beautiful cliffs

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Hiking from Ulia to Pasaia

San Sebastián – Pasaia is one of the most popular hikes in the area. Its popularity is definitely due to the fact that is accessible directly from the city. But also because it offers stunning views on the city and after on the cliffs and the sea.


The walk starts at the end of the surf beach; we follow the main road and took the stairway just before the gas station. At some point, we will see the signs for the GR with indication for Pasaia.

Marcas rojas y blancas de la ruta de senderismo desde Monte Ulía en San Sebastián hasta Pasaia

We past spectacular cliffs reaching Fort Monpás and later the Rock of the Whale: these rocks were used as watchtowers from which San Sebastián whalers scanned the horizon for whales.


We follow the path with costant ups and downs to discover the remains of an aqueduct used to carry water to the capital. Camino de Santiago en el Monte Ulía

Senderismo desde Monte Ulía a Pasaia

From there we meet the sight of the lighthouse: FARO DE LA PLATA. We arrived at the lighthouse from which we descend to Pasaia above the impressive natural entrance of the harbour.





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